Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My 3rd day~


Today is my 3rd day practical...agak tired today..i dont know y..maybe dah byk sgt learn about the system and the process in acquisition unit..a lot of process but i try my best to get it slowly and slowly..insyaAllah

Time briefing tadi, perut berbunyi la pulak..malu dalam hati tapi i try to cover supaya tak berbunyi lagik..hik...alhamdulilah, the staff layan me as a workers or maybe like a new workers but just an, far okay lah..sume nye baek2..cume ade yang tegas2 tuh bile ajar kite, it's a normal like a lecturer teach us..

The best part is when they are tried to let me understand what they are teach betol2 even though they are so sure that i'm understand it..they are give me a brief and a long explanation to ensure i get it..waaa, full already...

So far, i don't think i will give something to the library because i have to learn and practice many things more like the process in circulation, cataloging, reference and so maybe after that..i will try..

Okay tengah menahan kesabaran adalah kunci utama ya...if has anything else, i will story2 ye..owh yaaa, pic takde lah..because i'm alone..maybe mase nak ujung2 nanti boleh lah bergambar2..~

See ya!
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