Monday, July 23, 2012

My first day~


Today is my first day doing my industrial far okay lah..the library is not so big and not too small..for me the working environment best because most of the librarian (library assistant there) pon came from puncak perdana also..

My adviser/supervisor (Miss Ng) also is a friendly and helpful person even though quite difficult because mostly interact with her using English language..tapi for me it not a problem kot because sometimes if i susah sgt, i rojak jugak..die pon macam phm je..hehe..

But it's okay lah for the first time..dalam kampus pon boleh sesat mase pergi dan balik..haha, pengalaman yang tak disagka betol..pergi boleh terima tapi masa balek tuh..aiyoooo makcik...ape lagi ye...

Okay lah..ade lagi nak cite tapi later on lah how bout yours??

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