Tuesday, December 15, 2009


"Bagan Lalang has seen a lot of changes of with many activities making it an ideal location for family outings especially for those looking for a beach not too far away from the Klang Valley."

Bagan Lalang Beach is poised to be a major tourist spot in Sepang given the fact that it is close to the site of the country's new Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang. The best time recommended to visit this tranquil beach is in the afternoon during low tide. The shallow pools of water and big sprawling space is ideal for kids to wade without straining a muscle or run around.

There is also a stretch of mangroves too for fellow nature explorers. This beach is well-known for its ikan bakar or barbecued fish. Restaurants serving various fish and other seafood dishes are open till late night to cater for the ever-increasing number of tourists and visitors. You also have another choice, which is an inexpensive chinese restaurants just 10 minutes away from Sepang. For a more local touch, there is the night markets, open on Sundays.

Experience this quiet and tranquil surrounding of Bagan Lalang with family and friends. A simple and quiet place for those who wants to get away from the hustle bustle of their busy lifestyle.

There are budget hotels and several chalets available to those who wish to spend more than a day at Bagan Lalang.

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Actually, me and my family will going to the Bagan Lalang Beach for the best vacation that is camping!!
so, c u there..
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